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Western Mongolia Altai

it's famous by Altai mountains and also knowns as the homeland of all ethnic groups of Mongolians and everything in there should be exotic

 Traditional Nomadic Lifestyle

Mongolian traditional nomadic lifestyle still survive till today in country people and you can find out and understand their livings

Our traveling style

Into Mongolia

You can see traditional lifestyle of Mongolian nomadic people who currently still keep and living in this way till today just next to modern life in the city of this country.

Visiting to nomads you're going to understand it and feel the relationship between mother nature, wildlife and country people.


We have been receiving our visitors since 1997 during 19 years and always try to perform our traveling service successfully with fully enjoyed and grateful satisfactions.

Therefore we constantly get appreciated impressions from our guests, so we’d like to introduce you some of those kindly feelings of them who traveled with us.

Welcome to Mongolia

Do your trip independently any place in Mongolia as your wish

Do you want to travel indepedently in your budget as fulfiiling all your target places, activities? 

Our traveling style is different than others.

We provide a true wilderness tour in the nature for you instead of controlled programs with campus staying.  

Do your trip as your own and feel nature!

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